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Usually this week we would be knee-deep in all things Butterfly Party, the countdown to "all the animals animal party” that draws thousands every year. For obvious reasons, we have postponed. At first, it was tough to wrap my head around as it will be the first time in six years that I'm not celebrating Catherine’s birthday - what would be her 14th - surrounded by the creatures she loved.

And yes, it’s disappointing. Truth is there’s a whole lot of disappointment lingering around these days but this is also a part of life - a necessary and beautiful part of it.  Without the darkness of the cocoon, butterflies would never bloom and without disappointments, we would have nothing to compare our victories.

This week in Newtown, the sky was a remarkable hue of blue, the color dissipating some of the disappointment that's been lingering. Maybe it’s because after 70 days of living in our own cocoons, we are finally stretching our wings in the early summer winds. For me, it's a simple gift from the heavens reminding me that creatures or not, I am surrounded by Catherine’s love. As you emerge from your own cocoon, may your wings dry and take flight in the early summer sun.

Jenny Hubbard


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By creating, conserving & protecting Monarch habitats, we're doing our part to help these beauties thrive in the natural world. One of our tagged monarchs was even spotted in Florida!


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" that fly and all but sing." 

– Robert Frost