Weekly Newsletter

May 2020 vol. 6



We'll be back at Elgin, Pflugerville and Taylor this week. 


ALL Chicken is back in stock!

Breakfast Sausage is back in stock!


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Off to Freezer Camp


Loading up the chickens and transporting to the processor. 

I usually load up early morning the day of processing but since Molly is out of town and I’m working solo, I decided to load the evening before. This 3 minute video shows loading and unloading at the processor (Dewberry Hills Farm)


Sometimes Pigs Do the 

Darndest Things.


Imagine my surprise when I found a pig stuck in the water trough this morning.  It’s a tall trough made for horses, so she must have really wanted to go for a swim.  Problem was, she was only able to get her front end in before she got stuck,  top centered with the rim of the trough up under her belly.  I don't know how long she had been like that but she was worn out when I found her.  


First I put a brick in the trough so she could get her front feet under her and help keep her head above water.  Even with that aid, she was unable to pull herself out. She didn’t have much strength left from her previous attempts. Next I tried to pull her out myself, but she weighs a solid  200 lbs and was struggling against me.  After a few minutes I realized that wouldn’t work, so I just shoved her hind end into the water and tipped the whole thing over.  Once upright, she walked funny for a few minutes and seemed to have a crick in her neck from trying to stay above water.  She was fine the next day and I was happy to have averted a major setback.

- John Pantalone           


Amber Oaks 

Meat Buyers Club

Delivery Begins in July

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This Week's Markets


We're back at all markets this week. 

The market has been temporarily relocated to parking lot in front of Heritage House 

with customers parking in front of pool. 


Be well, 

stay safe,


John & Molly