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Something a little different for this newsletter. New design & new topics. Trying to add a bit more value for you lovely people. Let me know what you think - good or bad :)

This week's 5 ideas:

  1. Personal analytics software that gathers and examines your browser history, email newsletters, social accounts, apps, bookmarks and presents it graphically.
  2. Twitter feature to create a word cloud out of a thread.
  3. Chrome extension that automatically declines all GDPR, cookies, email newsletter sign-ups, follow us, etc pop-ups.
  4. A product that allows me to read newsletters on an e-ink display.
  5. A motivational alarm clock for entrepreneurs that is synced with your Stripe account. The alarm wakes you up with your Stripe balance. "Morning David, today you have $2,100 in your account, you made $150 while you slept. Your goal for this month is $3,200"

    * Bonus *
    Crowd sourcing platform for people to contribute to the initial seed of an idea - a way for people to work together, to document monetisation strategies, audience, feasibility etc. (Anyone want to build this?)

Feedback From Previous 5 ideas:

4. A social media platform exclusively for artists/content creators.


"For #4, check out Daisy  https://www.daisie.com 
- Thanks for the heads up Will

Worth Sharing:

🦮  Singapore government The Singapore Government is using Boston Dynamics famous Robot Dog to enforce social distancing and it is as disturbing as it sounds.

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