Dear Friend, 

With the opportunity to reopen on the horizon, we'd like to update you on what things will look like when we gleefully unlock those doors and turn on the music. We have diligently created new systems in order to provide you with the best-in-class service you’ve come to expect from Nicholas Sebastian Salon Spa.

A description of our plan is as follows: 

Upon arrival to the salon: 

Please call or text the front desk from your car to alert us that you are here. If your stylist is ready, we'll bring you right in! If not, we ask that you remain in your car and we'll give you a ring as soon as they are. Our number for both texts and phone calls is 610-325-0122. 


At the front door, we will have a little station with masks, gloves and sanitizer.  Temperatures of both employees and clients will be taken upon entering the building. Should you have a fever or other visible signs of illness, we request that you stay home no matter how much you want those roots covered or hair cut!


Masks are 100% required for both employees and clients.


Please only bring into the salon your keys, wallet, book and phone. We will have individual disposable plastic bags for you to contain them while in the building. This helps to not have additional dirty surfaces from bottoms of handbags. 


Individuals in the building must have an appointment. Unfortunately, due to capacity restraints, we must request that you come solo to your appointment. Walk-in services are temporarily suspended.


For the time being, the serving of refreshments will be paused - feel free to bring a water bottle or disposable coffee of your own. 


Shared magazines have been disposed of so bring along some reading material if you'd like. When not in use, we ask that you keep your book/magazine/Kindle in the bag provided for your personal items in order to reduce the amount of touched surfaces.

During your services: 

Every station's surfaces and tools will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between clients. A list of procedures and materials used will be posted at each station and in each spa room for your review. 


In the spa and nail room, all instruments will be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized under UV light. Linens are completely replaced between each client as well as all surfaces disinfected. One time use spatulas are used for spa products - no spatula will be used twice even with the same client.


Only hair stations that maintain a 6 foot distance from the next stylist/client will be utilized.


Stylists have their own kit of styling products to use for only their clients versus our normal shared system. Bottles will be disinfected between clients. 


Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected after use with rotating "needs sanitizing/has been sanitized" signs on the door. 


During the time that your color "sets" or "processes",  you will be able to remain in your chair versus buddied up next to others by the shampoo bowls. In good weather, you are more than welcome to even sit outside! 


For the initial few weeks, we are able to provide shampoo, cut and color for hair but cannot blow dry your hair. Not enough data has been gathered regarding the impact of forced air spreading the virus beyond 6 feet. Yes....this does mean that everyone leaves with their hair still wet. As a happy alternative however, we will be providing hair mask and scalp treatments during the shampoo service in lieu of the blow dry.


Shampoo bowls and chairs will be disinfected between each client. Plexi glass is being installed between shampoo bowls. Disposable face shields will be offered to protect your eyes during your shampoo and hair treatment.


Plexi glass separators will also be at the front desk and in manicure stations.

Checking out and rebooking: 
Your stylist or esthetician will gather from the shelves any shampoo, conditioner, skin care, etc that you'd like to take home with you. This allows us to know what has been touched and what bottles to disinfect if put back on the shelf.


Rebooking while in the salon is highly encouraged. Appointments will remain very full for quite awhile, so you'll want to make your next appointment in order to have the best opportunity to get the day/time you prefer.


We can make your checkout as easy and touch-free as you'd like. The credit card machines will be disinfected after every client. If you'd rather completely touch-free, you can read the number to us, you can Venmo us while at the desk or we can use your credit card on file.


Tips can be done via Venmo and we will provide a list of service providers' Venmo accounts. Cash tips will absolutely still be accepted!


Thank you for your steadfast support of our business—we are truly grateful and can't wait to serve you!!

all the best,

Nick and the NS team

In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and stay well!