A spoonful of my own medicine...

Or, what happened when I shared 

my letter with friends.



Today I'm talking more about my new workshop: 



We'll be exploring... 

- how & why self-doubt works

- ways we can start to untangle from it

- building self=belief and confidence


Join me on Friday 12th June from 10am - 12noon

Early bird tickets: £15 (£20 from 29th May)


Hello you :)


I don't know about you but it's half-term week here, with a bank holiday thrown in; just one reason my letters are weekly-ish, as I recognise each week comes with it's own pattern and energy.


So, this week I wanted to share something with you. And I think you'll laugh when you hear it, I certainly did!


I have a group of friends who are in a similar place in their businesses: fledgling, tender, new, and we support each other throughout the inevitable ups and downs. 

(I highly recommend gathering people like this around you, whatever you're doing; people who get you, and will be there for you, and you for them too.)


During our regular update I proudly shared last weeks' letter... and their response? 

"Your email is perfect, right up to the last paragraph"


Oh, the irony...


I'd confidently written about how I'd untangled my self-doubt, told you about my on-going journey and then shared some of the big and small successes of my week.


And then, right at the end, I signed off with the apologetic idea that possibly, maybe you might just like to book onto my little workshop, maybe...? 


It went like this, for anyone who doesn't routinely memorise my letters...


"Finally if you're curious to check out how it might feel to work with me, here are all the details of my newest workshop..."


Can you see how the self-doubt returned in all its glory the minute I started selling my work? I might as well have done this...


"Finally if you're curious to check out how it might feel to work with me, here are all the details of my newest workshop..."


Doh! They were so right and we did share a giggle at the irony. Reflecting on our conversation later I realised how different my reaction was, now, to how I'd have reacted a couple of years back... here are a few ways it could have gone...


a. "what a fail! I'll never sell anything, I might as well give up!"

b. keep quiet, move on, no one will notice

c. talk about it, learn from it and try again


For many years I'd have chosen a or b... you can see now that I'm choosing c. Because I want to share that when things go wrong not according to plan, it's still ok. Ending my email apologetically does not equal I-should-give-up. Yet this is the sort of thing that would have dragged me down in the past; I'd have added it to a great long list of things-I-did-wrong, more evidence that I'm just not good enough. And I want you to know that it is so possible to move to a place where X does not equal Y!


I'm going to talk more another week about the way we make meanings from things that happen around us...


Also coming soon, I'll be going into research mode any minute as I create a group course around untangling self-doubt, so I'll be inviting you to share your thoughts with me - more on that next week...


For now, I'd love to properly share my newest workshop! Here are all the details...




A gentle workshop where we'll start untangling your self-doubt.


I wrote this workshop following a number of requests from the quieter women in my network for 'something about confidence please'.


Being an introvert is something I fought against for years, thinking it was a bad think to be, boring and quiet. I completely embrace it now, understanding and loving the value it brings me and others around me.


So, I do know that confidence isn't just something you can 'pull out of the bag' when self-doubt is holding you back. Maybe occasionally, but not often and not sustainably. It's exhausting, especially for introverts.


But I also know that you can sustainably grow self-belief, which means that confidence will begin to shine out of you! 


In Believe you will:

  • learn how and why self-doubt shows up
  • feel safe in this small group and see that you're not alone
  • explore a tried and tested way to start untangling self-doubt
  • discover ways to experiment with building self-belief

If this feels right for you just now I'd love you to join me


If it's not the right time do get in touch to get on the list for the next one. 

Because there'll be a next one; this is my work.


Book your place at the table just here.



Thank you for inviting me into your inbox, it's a real privilege to be here.


Have a great week and, as ever, stay curious!

Sarah x


Workshop update...

I've added new dates for my Vision Board workshop 

Saturday 6th & Friday 26th June

£10 early bird / £15

"an enlightening & thoroughly enjoyable experience

Justine Hodgkinson, Advocacy Focus


Plus my new Believe workshop - Friday 12th June

£15 early bird / £20


Tickets are just here on Eventbrite 


Please do forward this on to anyone you think might enjoy a workshop with me!


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