Imagine if you knew how to really strip back the layers and reveal what you want from your life? Imagine if you had the confidence to remove or heal the things that were weighing you down? Imagine TRUSTING yourself so much that you felt FREE to be who you were, ask for what you need and create what you want with your life!!


 Free To Be Me is designed specifically for courageous women who are ready to dive a little deeper and take an inner journey to truly BE themselves, OVERCOME fear and TRANSFORM their lives. It gives you the tools to manage your mindset, reframe limiting thought patterns, shift stagnant energy and really step towards all you came here to BE.

As a Transformational Courage Coach, I know the power of the mind but I also know the strength of the heart. I know what people are capable of with the right tool kit.
I love supporting women to transform their lives by gaining clarity, shifting through overwhelm and self doubt and embrace all that life has to offer.

Free To Be Me includes~


Week 1

Illuminate Session

- Illuminate your dominate emotions and how they impact your life

- Uncover the core wounds and limiting beliefs that are connected to these emotions 

- Address ways to reframe your inner dialogue

Week 2

Integrate Session
- Integrate where your beliefs and emotions come from by connecting with your past  

- Expose blind spots that may be getting in your way (hidden inner beliefs)

- Energetically release yourself from your past experiences

Week 3

Embody Session

- Embody YOUR truth and learn to physically, emotionally and energetically tune in  

- Immerse in a range of mindset and energy balancing tools 
- Lean into embodiment practices to encourage confidence and clarity


Week 4

Embrace Session
 - Embrace your BIG ideas without fear

- Create your GOALS list without overwhelm

-Manifest your DREAMS without doubt

If you need to discuss how this program may benefit you personally, book yourself a FREE clarity call.


How to gauge if 'FREE TO BE ME' is a good fit for you: 

~ You are ready to create some positive changes in your life

~  You are willing to take action even if it feels uncomfortable
~ You know it is time to put your own needs first
~ You are open to holistic practices to shift energy and support your emotions

What you receive:


4x weekly group sessions (60-90min)

4x Ebook modules

Access via Voxer for support  


$295 AUD




All I can say is “WOW”
Andrea is one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever met. Her words of wisdom are just spot on. I love that she is real as well. 
The best choice I made for my life was to join Andrea’s 4 week Free To Be Me program. 
The changes I felt in even the first week were amazing. To be able to speak my truth and let go of worrying what people think of me is so empowering. 
I would recommend Andrea to anyone. She is one frickin beautiful soul. ~ Kristen


Andrea has given me the tools and the courage to step away from the comfortable, deal with what holds me back and run towards my big, wild dreams! Her intuition and ability to put into words what you can't is amazing and brings a level of clarity to a head full of crazy thoughts and a heart full of pain, which allowed me to breathe deeply again. Can't recommend doing her Free To Be Me course enough. xx. ~ Jill


xo, Andrea