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hey there, friend!

How are you feeling? This week has left me questioning everything.


While I am deeply saddened , I am no longer shocked by the news - this straight truth is that this happens too often to be shocked anymore.  It makes my heart so heavy. 

But am I personally doing enough to stop this from happening over and over again?  How can I check myself?  What can I do that helps and doesn't cause more harm?  


My brain just never stops churning. 


This weekend, I'm...well, actually, I'll be working.  But next week I'm doing what I would normally be doing this time of year, and taking off some time to re-charge, take stock of where I'm at and what the future should be.  With the business, with our lives, with everything.  Figuring out the next steps. 


I hope that wherever you are, you're making it through.  Here's what has been helping to get me through this week...




Sometimes I save something for no reason other than it catches my eye and I instantly fall in love.  Which is what happened when I ran across these handcrafted pots from Kat and Roger.  Instant love - not only the color palette, but the forms and shapes, and the texture so deep I just want to reach out and run my hand over it.  This is a palette that would apply beautifully to just about anything that needed an earthy yet modern touch. 






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Take care of yourself, okay?






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