Happy June, friends!


Hi friends! This month was HUGE for us! Guess what...my husband finally came home from his deployment!! Check out my post about it below, but spoiler alert: we’re over the moon having him home again. Things also started rolling for our move overseas, and get this: all of our stuff is already on its way to Germany! Within less than two weeks we got our favorite person back, and we moved out of our house (more on that below, too). Still no word on when we’re leaving for Deutschland, so as of right now we’re just soaking in some R&R at an AirBnB while we wait for the next piece of this puzzle.


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When you finished reading a good book…


Finished reading an awesome book? Instead of sticking it back on your shelf, pass it along. My friend is starting a project called #GirlsPassABook. The details: read a book, stick it in the mail, and share it with a friend. Don’t forget to snap a picture, post it on insta, and slap a tag on it, too! 


When you want an alternative to watching the news...


I haven’t watched the news for at least a year. With my husband overseas in Afghanistan, it just wasn’t good to be inundated with news from over there. However, every morning I got my news delivered to my inbox in a great little digest called TheSkimm. It breaks the biggest events happening around the world into easy-to-understand segments so you can stay up to date on the things that matter the most. Sign up for it here. 


When you just want something that tastes freaking good…


Make this Taco Pie. Now that my husband is home, I’ve been back in the kitchen more. I forgot how much I love this super easy casserole. The great thing is that you probably have everything you need for it. And bonus: all three kids ate it (I left all the spicy stuff out and just added salsa on top of ours at the end). 


In case you missed it...


Speak soon, friend!



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