May 31, 2020


Hello Friends!



Happy Sunday my friends! Hope you had a good weekend. It's starting to feel more like summer around here and  we’ve been spending lots of time poolside. I have always felt so lucky to have a pool, and this summer we'll appreciate it more than ever.


There's no question this has been a difficult week. The events that we’ve all witnessed and the sadness, anger and unrest bring pause to all of us. This is not the forum for political debate (that’s for sure) but I do think these events have opened up a lot of important conversations and hopefully positive change will result. We can all be better and do better.


In brighter news, tomorrow is Mary’s 95th birthday! It will be great to celebrate her at home with the family. My brother had planned to be here from Denver, but unfortunately we all know how that goes these days. We'll zoom with him for sure though. All Mary wants on her day is  chocolate cake and an old fashioned. ;)


Enjoy the final minutes of your weekend.  Here's what you might have missed from B.Styled last week:



Top Scoop Picks

I told you last week about this brand and many of you remember it and shopped it back in the day in NYC. I've seen many items in person now and am blown away by the quality, style and prices. Here are my favorites from what I've seen so far:



Bathing Suits and Cover-Ups

Bathing suit season is here (sort of) and this year let's aim to actually like the bathing suit we wear, k? Here are some picks in various styles and price ranges. And in my opinion, the cover-up is even more important, so have one of those you love too. 


As much as I love this bargain tank for all the reasons above (and the COLOR)... what REALLY makes me HAPPY is these stacking/collectible/colorful bracelets.
They are gorgeous in person...I may go back for 3 more to add to the party. They remind me of the amazon tile bracelets many of the bloggers are wearing-- but SO much better (IMHO).....They're smaller, more chic and delicate and not cheap looking.. I plan to wear them every. single. day. 

In other news, this pic shows that Beth needs to start moisturizing her hands/arms. Yikes.







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Thanks for reading, have a great week and please be WELL.





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