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hey there, friend!

These newsletters are usually written on Wednesday.  I have no idea what will have happened to the country, or the world, by the time you are reading this.  So I'm just going to ask for your understanding right up front if anything I say below is out of touch because of changing events.


I am not one who can go out in public and physically fight for what is right and true.  I cannot be in a large crowd because I am not able to physically or mentally withstand the loud cacophony of humanity.  


What I can do is fund the work being done when I am able, and raise Black voices to the top when I cannot.  Because it's not a zero sum game.  Learning about and sharing perspectives outside of what we know does not diminish our experiences - it only strengthens both.  


If you are exhausted, tired, or simply in need of a fluffy distraction not wholly about current events, you are more than welcome to peruse the archives of this newsletter until you're ready to face the world again.  Stopping to breathe and to recharge is so important.  Take care of yourself. I highly recommend the Apple Turnover recipe from last week.  


Otherwise, let's do the work. 


Brain & Body

This is our annual week of vacation so we had planned to be 'out' of office, while still at home. But we're still both working, with short jaunts to the backyard and a few afternoon naps. More tea. And more baking than normal.




I saw this "Guide to White Privilege" by Courtney Yahn Design on Instagram Stories last weekend, and then Pinterest had it in the Today Tab this week.  It's an important read in a pretty format - if pretty is what it takes to break through the noise then so be it. The info is important for everyone to understand.



Alright, friend. I know I have a lot to learn, but I'm willing and ready.


I hope you're able to make some sense of all that's happening, examine what your contribution is or is going to be, and come through ready to support those around you that need supporting.


Because that's what this is really all about right?  Doing to and for others that which we would only want done to or for ourselves.  It's that simple.






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