It's been a minute. Actually, it's been a little over a month...


I am so sorry I have been absent from your inbox. 

A lot has happened in the past month, and I think we need to talk a bit.



I am so sorry for not sending out my second email of last month. My days slipped away in a flurry of work, but when I look back on May, I am unsure where my time actually went. It feels like a blur, and I know a lot was done, but I still feel as if I have been moving at a snails pace. 


Even though I was absent from your inbox, I have been active online. And if you, too, are active online, then you might know all that has happened over the course of the last few weeks. I have stated it before, but I will state it again and again and again because it is of the utmost importance: Black Lives Matter. 


This past week has been eye-opening for a lot of us. Many took to social media to demand justice for all the Black Lives taken unjustly. Articles and books and resources were shared far and wide. Protests happened all around the world. Actual change has begun to take place, but the work isn't done. There is still so much to do. Just one person isn't going to change the world, but it is my hope that collectively, we can ALL show up in some way -- Big and Small -- and encourage positive change. 


I have written a bit on Instagram about the things I am personally working towards, both as a normal citizen and as a small business. And it is my hope that by living and working closely with my personal values, I am able to invite positive change to the environment around me. And maybe the small changes I see can snowball into something bigger with the help of others who are doing the same thing in their environment.  


So expect a shift from Untitled Thoughts. My beliefs have not changed- I have always believed that every. single. human. being. deserves the right to feel safe, and have opportunities, and live a full life without fear of being harmed or discriminated against because of the color of their skin, sexual orientation, size, religious beliefs, etc. 


But my content will change. It will change to better reflect those values. 


I am no longer just a singular person, sewing things for myself and sharing those garments. I am a singular person running an indie pattern company that you support with your talents and $ and I am so thankful for that support, and it is my duty to return that support in any way that I possibly can. It is my duty to fill my social media feed with people who look like all of us, because representation matters. It is my duty to lift others up so that they can also see their greatness take on new heights. 


I hope that you are as excited as I am to walk the walk and see Untitled Thoughts in to the net chapter. And I hope that you are able to continue doing what you can where you can in your own life. Together, we can make long-lasting positive change possible!