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It's finally time - the Five-Day Connect To Your Calling Challenge starts TODAY! 


And I'm so excited that you've chosen me to help you gain clarity on your calling and support you while you become the person that doesn't wait to create their own magic.


Each day I'll send an email first thing in the morning, and then each day at 12:00pm PDT, I'll be going live in our Private FB Group.


There will also be a daily Facebook Post so you can comment, leave wins, struggles, and support! So if you haven't yet, >> use this link and join us!


When you comment on each day's post, you will have a chance to win a prize at the end of the challenge!



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Yesterday I asked you to set your intention for the next five days. If you haven't done it already, please go ahead and do that first. You can post it in our >> Facebook group here.


Each day you will have some journaling to do, a task, and I will send an affirmation. Read on and get started! 



What is true in this moment? 


Get real with yourself about your life. What is your life like?


Take some time to assess where you are in your life, and write down these thoughts in your journal or download the worksheet. Include where you are regarding your health, relationships, finances, career, creativity, home, fun, and spiritual fulfillment. Add as many categories as you like!


Be honest here. This is for you and you only. There's a 2nd part to this exercise.


>> Download Worksheet <<


Today's Task



Now, go through the list you just made and circle all the things that don't bring you joy anymore. Circle all the should's. Circle the things that are not aligned with you anymore.


Then, as you go through your day doing the things you usually do, ask yourself...


Does this bring me joy?

Am I doing this for me or someone else?

Is what I'm doing consistent or in alignment with my values?


YOUR Affirmation

I put my energy into things that matter to me and bring me joy.


Write your affirmation down on a sticky note where you can see it. Or write it in your journal. Notice how you feel when you say this to yourself. 

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That's it for today!


Don't forget to head over to Facebook and leave a comment today's post, and you'll be entered to win a prize! >> Join us


Lastly feel free to share the challenge, I'm keeping doors open doors open for another day. 





xoe, Claudia