Black Lives Matter

This includes all of the intersections of it. 

I will take no offense if you decide to unfollow my work given that I care about my humanity and the humanity of all Black and brown beings. 

I do ask you as you take a left to inquire on what has made you do so, 

what about your beliefs allow you to deem someone else's body/ life as less worthy or human?


Now that we are clear on that, in typical Yasmin fashion,

 I am here to provide you with spaces and resources to rest, release, grow, and learn. 

This is for my BIPOC* family and my white/ white-passing family as well. 


The heightened emotion, action, self-care, and community care that I have had to lean into these past few weeks have made me more prepared to do my work intentionally, intimately, and fully. These are the things I have leaned into and offer you below.


*BIPOC - Black, Indigenous, and People of Color


Experiences & Spaces to Join


Things to Watch & People to Follow


Tracee Ellis Ross teaches us three breathing exercises that will allow you to release and can be done anywhere - here.


Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun with Dismantling Racism digital Works Book teaches us what white supremacy culture looks like in our behaviors and culture in a way that will blow your mind no matter who you are (specifically the link on white supremacy culture) - here.


Questions to Ask for Reflection

Use these questions to tune into how you are feeling in this moment and what you need:


What is the weight of your body and heart in this moment?

What was the last thing you did that made you feel authentically loved?

What are the things that you need to release? Thoughts and beliefs - write them down and let them go.

How might you move with radical self-love today?



No matter what you are facing and how you are feeling, I know one thing is true:

You are worthy of a full, well and whole life.

Even if the world tells you otherwise, they don't know the truth of your inherent worthiness. Sending you all love, compassion, and wholeness.


May you be empowered all ways & always.