June 14, 2020


Hello Friends!


In case you didn't notice, I took last week off from the Weekend Update. I'm sure you missed me terribly. Ha.

  As an entrepreneur and small business person with no boss telling me what to do, I get to make these calls myself - which is mostly good - but also tricky. I know about the importance of consistency, but I also value the flexibility of being my own boss and making my own calls.  The last weeks have been difficult for sure for our country, and social media has been very noisy and at times stressful. I took some time to step back and quiet myself, and think more about where I want to take B.Styled. 


My mission and what I love to do more than anything is to use style and inner/outer beauty as a vehicle to improve the lives of women.  I'm working on ideas for how to best do that, and best serve you, my beloved followers and clients. I'll be sending out a survey this week to get your thoughts and feedback so I can decide how to direct my time and efforts - with the goal always to serve you and the B.Styled community. 


Now, here is a rundown on what went on at B.Styled this past week. 


 I'm starting with a non-style related article because of the strong response it received on Facebook, and if you're not on FB, you may have missed it:


It's awkward to follow that article with talk of fashion and style, but that's the topic you're here for, right? I see so many bloggers getting bashed for continuing to talk about their business' topic...it really can be a no-win situation. I hope we can get to point where we can be more respectful, kind and welcoming to all. 

And on that note, let's talk SUMMER!




My response: 

Getting started is the hardest part. I also think it’s best to do it when you are in the right place and frame of mind...if you’re not, just wait...don’t beat yourself up. I also think starting with 15 minutes of “low hanging fruit” is helpful too...set a timer for 15 min, put on some fav music and tackle an “easy” job - maybe just remove obvious trash, or get rid of old hangers or pick 5 things you KNOW you don’t even like and start a giveaway bag. Have one 15 minute “win” to get you started. Then call it a day and feel good about starting. Or maybe you’ll get on a roll. Either way, you started. Think done ✅ not perfect. But remember, a cleansed closet is an amazing gift you can give to yourself. 

She also told us that because of the changes in her body, most things don't fit anymore, yet buying an entirely new wardrobe is not realistic. We discussed finding versatile basics that are comfortable and flexible will accommodate a changing body and can be accessorized and jazzed up and made to look "different" each time she wears them. Retailers like Old Navy and Target are a great resource for stylish, affordable clothes that will bridge the gap during these transitional times. 


The goal of your wardrobe is make it easy to #justgetdressed easy, and dare I say fun. But most importantly it should reflect and support the life (and body) you have TODAY. 




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Thanks for reading, have a great week and please be WELL.





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