How to Communicate Your Reopening Plan on Social Media

Having been closed for in-person tastings for months, many wineries are beginning to reopen, which is very exciting indeed!


However, the experience on offer is probably looking very different than pre-COVID, and that needs to be addressed.


I’ve found that bad customer service experiences often come from either the miscommunication or misunderstanding of expectations. 


Therefore, it stands to reason that by clearly and concisely communicating what your customers can expect upon their return to your tasting room, you will make their experience that much more enjoyable. 


And that’s really what we want, right? Because as we know, happy customers equal bigger sales.


So, here is how to communicate your reopening on social media:

  1. CELEBRATE: Go ahead and share your excitement! It’s a big deal!
    “We are so excited to announce that we can once again welcome you back for tastings starting on [DATE, TIME]”
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE CHANGES: Your next sentence should notify your audience that the experience is going to look a little different.
    “Though we are psyched to welcome you back, we do need to let you know about a few changes we’ve made to the experience for the safety of our staff and of you, our amazing customers:”
  3. STATE THE PLAN: This is where you will clearly outline what the expectations are, preferably in bullet form (it just makes it easier to read).  If you require customers wear masks, state it.  If you require reservations, state that as well. This is not the place to get cute, state the facts.
    “-Due to limited occupancy, we are now requiring reservations, please call us at [Phone number] or email us at [email address] to book your experience…
    -We can only allow groups of 6 people or fewer at this time.
    -Check in with the host at the front door when you arrive and she will take you to your table.
    -Health regulations of the county also persons to wear masks at all times, except when sitting at your table, so please arrive wearing a mask and only remove it when you have been seated.
    -We have tastings available, as well as wines by the glass and by the bottle.”
  4. CALL TO ACTION: This is where you will remind your customers (again) how to book a reservation.
    “Book your reservation today by calling us at [Phone number] or emailing us at [email address]. We’ve missed you!”

Here are a few brands who have done a great job of communicating their reopening plan:

As we know, the situation is rapidly evolving, which is another great reason for you to be utilizing social media to communicate with your fans. 


Remember to give periodic updates and answer comments and DMs in a timely manner!

As ever, stay safe my friend!