Explore with me a strategy to 

lead, live and love 

with less regret and more relevancy...


What's your next right thing?  Your next brave step in life or in your work?  


Well friends, the answer to that depends on asking "what am I aiming for?"  Your success in moving towards that aim is linked directly to what you value.


Often we can get caught up in the next thing that demands or distracts our attention.  Other times we trek aimlessly through each day on default waiting for something to shift or show up that inspires, possibly guides us to a next thing, not necessarily the next right thing.


Sound vaguely familiar?  If it does, you know hustle without focus is exhausting and can deplete resources if you can't identify what is relevant and what is simply scrambling to do more with less..


Here's a strategy to start focusing on the next right things [or at the very least offer you insight into what you will say no to]:

-identify values:  what you want to grow, protect and represent with your life or work.

-emerge a vision:  what you want your life or work to look, feel and function like.

-assess your calendar:  honestly look at your planner and determine if it reflects or is building towards your identified values and vision.


If you are curious about discovering how to stop the cycle of doing more with less and focus on what fuels growing your vision and living out your values, your next right step could create the needed forward motion.


What's your next right and brave thing?  Let's have a conversation to explore how I can help connect how you live, how your teams work,  to what is valued.  Let's lead, live and love with less regret and greater relevancy!