How We Work at PURE 
Hi Friend!
We are very much looking forward to our time together! Below is an outline of how we work so you are in the know!

Contact Information
  • Gina:; cell #: 610-574-4472
  • Assistant/Billing:
  • Design Associate:
  • Business Mailing Address: PO Box 745, West Chester, PA 19381
  • Showroom (By appointment) for Delaware Beach Areas: 32892 Coastal Hwy #5  Bethany Beach, De 19930
  • Gina and her team are online and in the field with clients Monday through Friday 10 am – 6 pm (EST).
  • During installations we are on-site between 8 am - 4 pm (EST).
  • We operate in the EST/EDT time zone.
  • Email response time is estimated to be within 8 hours during stated working hours.
  • Emails from us will include important updates in bold and your required action items in red.
  • We will do our best to give at least 24-hour notice of any changes in our schedule.
  • Correspondence is 99% through email. Text messaging is utilized for last-minute situations (i.e. running late for a meeting that day).
  • We sometimes work on the weekends to catch up on work from the week. We are generally not available for appointments or phone calls on the weekends.
  • Please understand that we may not respond to emails or phone calls on the weekends.
Scheduling Meetings With Gina
  • If at any time during our contract together we need to talk, please schedule a call with Gina.
  • If we are performing an install and you have an immediate need, please call Gina’s cell phone.
We will provide an authorized ACH payment form through DocuSign for your banking information and signature. We use this to process payments for your invoices. All invoices will be sent to you via email for your review and approval. We will not run payment until we have your approval to do so. 
We try hard to stick to the timeline that we have laid out in the proposal. Usually, there are a certain number of deliverables that we have assigned. We do our best to make sure that we hit that deadline. Things that slow down deadlines are:
  • Excessive revisions
  • Inability to make decisions, changing minds on strategy
  • Delay in getting us the elements that we need to get the work done, such as required action items sent to you in (red) email, feedback, etc.
  • An emergency by either party - let's all plan to communicate if something arises unexpectedly.
Sharing Design Inspiration With Us
We sent you a private link to Pinterest so you may upload your inspiration and ideas. Please note what you like and/or do not like about the photo and which details are a “must”, “inspiration” or a “specific material” you would like to use in your project and for which room. If you have a link to Houzz or another design platform, please share it with and You may also share a Google Sheet with us at the above email addresses if you wish to create your own spreadsheet of selections.
Construction Management
HIC: PA120464
PURE Design & Remodel is registered with the State of Pennsylvania under the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (“HICPA”) and is insured to contract with you to perform Construction Management Services. We have a team of qualified trade professionals and we can handle your project from start to finish. We are also registered in the State of Delaware to perform Construction Management Services.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you!

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