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Okay, the rest of you still want to be here right? Cool! As always, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Staying positive can be tough, but I know we can handle it. I just keep focusing on my vision for the future of our world, my hope for my children and their children and so on is to live in a place filled with good health, peace, respect, love, prosperity, and equality for all. 


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Chinchilla and the Devil released Tuesday and what a reception! I am thrilled with how folks seem to like my addition to EveL Worlds FUCN'A series! Please let me know how you like the story with your honest review <3 and thanks to my ARC team for all your hard work in spreading the word!


Tomorrow is the release of another shared world and the intro to a new series of mine! I know, exciting week, right? 


Trusting Her Protector: Wyvern Protection Unit Book 1 is coming to MTWorlds Press Federal Paranormal Unit and it is releasing a week earlier than anticipated. On KU. Fast-paced steamy PNR with loads of giggles for the avid reader to enjoy.


And I am so completely happy to announce that CHBB Publishing has picked up my upcoming book and the first in a series, Wolf Shield! See the Preorder link below!


Check it out below and thanks for letting me crash your email.

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My debut into CHBB Publishing!!! So excited about this one <3




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