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How are you doing this week? 


Quick question to start...did you study Juneteenth in history class when you were a kid?  I did not. I'm realizing that even though I had a strong primary education, there were quite a few blind spots that didn't get covered.  So I signed this petition this week to make it a national holiday in the hopes that the current generation of students can get a more complete education of our history than we did. 


Another question... are you wearing a mask when you leave the house?  If not, then why, when there are so many cute options available? I mean, why risk your health or the health of those you love?  We ordered a pack of these for each of us to supplement my homemade ones.  (Seriously, please, just wear a mask. Normalize masks!) 


We spent this week dipping our toes into leaving the house (FULLY MASKED, for the love) with a quick bike ride around the neighborhood to soak in this unseasonably nice weather and generally settling into the summer vibes. I think we're gonna attempt a weekday trip to the beach sometime in the near future - if we can keep it safe.


This weekend though, I'm going to be tackling the last place in the house I still haven't rage organized after reading the news - our utility/laundry/work room.  Wish me luck?


I hope you're able to focus your rage into good things, and are enjoy the changing seasons wherever you're at.  Here are some ways I've been marking the shift into summer:




You know when you learn a new word, and then you start to see it everywhere?  

That's where I'm at with bathroom wallpaper over wainscoting.  Now that I have it in my own house, I'm noticing it everywhere.  This example, by Shavonda Gardner of SG Style (and of the best Instagram profile on the whole app) is from when she renovated her previously tiny bungalow bathroom last year.  Fireclay Tile shared it again last week and I was reminded of how much I loved the combo of the dark tile with the subtly dramatic wallpaper.   






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And hey, if you're looking for some thoughtful design help for your overwhelming project, I'm here for you!  Because you're totally allowed to ask for help.


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