Our people had been freed almost 2 ½ years before they learned about it on June 19th in Galveston, Texas.

Two and a half years!  


While Juneteenth is a day to celebrate our independence, it’s also a day to reflect.  We repeat what we do not learn. 


I believe with every fiber of my being that we are currently living during a grand awakening, a grand cleansing, and a grand rising. It is our time! We only must own it. 


I don’t’ want us to wait years before we, Black people, realize that we had the power all along to free ourselves from feeling and being powerless. It’s time for us to use our voices, our dollars, our power of choice to free ourselves instead of waiting for others to free us or waiting for them to treat us fairly while they keep us captive.  


It is our time, Fam! Let’s build and build up within the community. It’s time!


Peace + Love,



It's Up To Us To Free Ourselves

The Randi B. Facebook community has over 78,000 on that members where we discuss relevant issues but Facebook has algorithms that automatically deems our issues dangerous and regularly suspends us. 


We need to free ourselves from depending on an entity that is clearly fearful of Black love and pride. We need to move to our own space. 


Introducing The Lounge: a community for us to speak openly, to free us from Facebook Censorship.



A median white family has 13 times more wealth than the median black family. Where you shop determines whose family you are feeding, whose wealth you are building. We can't be free until we have economic power. 


To that end I am excited to announce that I have opened a small shop that only carries products I love from small, Black businesses.




Going live in The Lounge this weekend for multiple

"Free Your Mind" chats – sign up and join us inside.



PEACe & Love

this is Randi B.


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