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As the world is starting to reopen, I am sending safe, healthy, and happy vibes your way. I think it's time to start building the kind of future we want now. I know my family is so happy to be able to start venturing outdoors again, and we even celebrated with a little down the shore trip just the other day. Those few hours on the beach were amazing. Of course, it ended with a surprise visitor from the deep...you guessed it, a shark came swimming in about twenty feet from shore. We couldn't identify what kind, but judging from the fin it was huge! 


Talk about exciting!  And a little scary, of course. But that didn't stop me from watching JAWS when we got home. LOL


June has been a super busy month for me with three releases and I want to thank ALL OF YOU who supported me by buying and reading them. I hope you enjoyed Grizzly Lover, Chinchilla and the Devil, and Trusting Her Protector, and I hope you will consider leaving a brief review to share how you liked it and/or recommend it if you think others should give them a try,


I've got a short Christmas story coming next month set in Barvale and Wolf Shield in August, and just maybe another Wyvern tale thrown in. Stay tuned for updates in that department. I will be live in MTWorlds Reader Group tomorrow with a giveaway, so join me there. And due to some of you inquiring, I went ahead and published Mine Furever as seen in the now unpublished Hearts & Bite Marks anthology, so look for that on KU!  


Wishing you safe and happy always, with love from this nutty and wildly unorganized author's desk until nest time. 


Have a great one!  <3


Happy Reading.

del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri



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