June 28, 2020


Hello Friends!



Hello ladies! 

Another week in the books. I know it's a cliche, but man do the weeks go by quickly or what? You'd think with this new lifestyle of staying home most of the time it would be the opposite, but I find time moving quicker throughout this "new normal". How about you? 


And speaking of time marching on...your pal Beth celebrated a birthday yesterday. I turned 54 which is one thing, but the crazy part is that  for the longest time I hioestly  thought I was tuning 53. My poor husband was the lucky guy who had to break it to me that I'm a year older than I thought. I'm not (really) complaining because age is just a number...but I like the number 53 more than 54;)


Regardless, we had yet another fun day in the pool celebrating and being spoiled by my boys.  They even cleaned my car, inside and out.  Life is good. 


And thank you for all the birthday wishes over on Facebook and via text, etc. You ladies fill me up and I appreciate you so much! 


Now, here is a rundown on what went on at B.Styled this past week. 



I love this new dress by Peach and am especially drawn to the lemony yellow color (it comes in black too). Color therapy is real and these colors just make e happy. I think everyone has a "happy color" so if you find yourself feeling down, try putting on your color. It certainly won't hurt, and my guess is it will help. Let me know if you agree!



This dress from Amazon is similar to the Leith one at Nordstrom, but I've decided it's better. The fabric is thicker and it has a lining, so it's more forgiving. The ruching and crossed hem are flattering and just flirty enough. I found it available from 2 different Amazon vendors. The stripe is harder to get, but there are many solids too. The navy would be great with the kimono I show next!


I'm LOVING this Amazon kimono with its boho pattern in shades of green, fuchsia, navy and white. Lots of styling options, and it looks great over a solid bathing suit too! 


...and a repeat favorite dress from last week - also available in white. 



Click here to access the Peach Facebook Live event, or search facebook for WithLovePeach to find the page. 


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Thanks for reading, have a great week and please be WELL.





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