Weekly Newsletter

July 2020 vol. 1




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It's Turkey Time at the Ranch!


The turkey poults are arriving soon and we're getting excited. Last years flock was a joy to raise, producing  succulent centerpieces for many family holiday dinners.  


Here at Amber Oaks we raise standard Broad-Breasted White turkeys. These are the same size and shape as a supermarket turkey, but ours are raised in the organic, pasture-based system that is at the core of poultry and livestock production at our ranch.


Unlike commercially produced birds—even those labeled “free-range” or “organic”— our pastured turkeys are raised outdoors, where they eat a diet of grass and bugs,  supplemented with organic feed.  Experience the difference! 


Impress your friends and family with a fresh, never frozen, free range organic fed  turkey from Amber Oaks Ranch this Thanksgiving. 


Fresh – Never Frozen


$7.50 per lb. (Avg. 20 lbs.)

$50 Deposit Required


Pick up 2 days before Thanksgiving.


It's not too late to sign up for the Meat Buyers Club

Delivery starts in July, but there are still spots available if you'd like to join. 


Membership in two or more meat boxes earns you 10% off all additional purchases, including Thanksgiving Turkeys!


PORK will be restocked the last week of July


BEEF will be restocked the first week in August


This Week's Markets


We will be at all the markets this week fully stocked up on chicken. We do have some cuts of beef back in stock, check price list for availability. 


The Taylor Farmers Market on Main will be closed  this coming Saturday for Independence Day. The Market will resume normal operations the following week on July 11th.


Be well, 

stay safe,


John & Molly