Hallo! We are officially in Germany, and just wrapped up TWO weeks of a very strict quarantine—like, we stepped out our front door twice (to take out the trash) and had new friends deliver groceries. It sounds horrible, but it was actually pretty nice to get over jet lag and bond with the family. 


But now that we’re out of “Covid prison” it’s time to kick off this adventure again. On our agenda for this month: find a house to live in, find a second car, and start mingling with zee Germans. 


Take a Look!

Curious what homes are like in Germany? Here’s a little sneak peek with my favorite new little tour guide! Stay tuned on the blog for a post with even more about our German guest house coming later this week!



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Let's Chat!

We’re building our bucket list once we get the green light to travel to other countries. If you’ve been to Europe before (or have a bucket list of your own), reply back and share your favorite places with us. Nothing is off the table; I’ll share our bucket list in an upcoming post!


Speak soon, friend!



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