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If ever there was a time I needed a little Christmas, it's now! How about you? I find the holiday season, whether you celebrate it or not, to be entirely infectious with good will and happy vibes. A bunch of authors I know felt the same and we decided to spread the cheer! With 4 weeks of Holiday PNR books either on sale or free. Please check prices as each week brings you a new selection of goodies at discounted prices. For this week's Holiday stories CLICK HERE 


Coming up in July is my brand new holiday tale, A Bear for Christmas, along with a surprise PDA release, new to the Maverick Pride, look for Purrfectly Caught soon!

Tempting Her Protector is also in the works for August, and of course, my brand new release that is going to be published with CHBB publishing is available now for preorder. Look for Wolf Shield links below. 


Congrats to all my winners from this month's giveaways, I am mailing everything this week (it might've went already so check your mailboxes). I also want to thank those of you who wanted me to publish Mine Furever, the #1 New Release banner has been flying for a week and I am so thrilled to see that and all your great reviews. If you have joined my Paranormal Pack please check out July's Sharing is Caring Giveaway Contest!


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