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How are you doing this week? 


I've been doing a lot of thinking about what Summer looks like during a pandemic.  Now, there's not typically a lot going on here in FL in the hostile heat of July.  We do have things that mean summer to us personally, though. LIttle things like watching the Tour de France, the MLB All-Star Game and baseball in general.  Last minute day trips to the water parks.  Our plans to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary this week with a special trip to Hawaii.  And there were to be multiple plane trips to visit family - all of which have been cancelled.


Couple that with everything that still needs to fundamentally change in our country (this video is so great), and the fact that people still won't #wearadamnmask and it's hard not to feel overwhelmed.


Something I've loved is the writing by Ingrid Fetell Lee on Aesthetics of Joy on the weird times we're in: one post about finding joy in an unconventional summer, and another with ways to make your house feel like a summer home.  Both of these are really about changing your mindset if you can't change your location, which I find myself attempting to do on a regular basis these days.  And I love the guide they put together.  


This weekend I'm hoping to use some these summer ideas and try to celebrate the holiday (even though that feels real, REAL weird this year).  I want to make headspace to let summer happen in the way that it can.  And ribs.  We need to make ribs this weekend.


Here are a few things that have brought me joy this week, and I hope do the same for you, wherever, and however, you may be. 


Digital Time

I've been real lax on making anything physical - spent most of last weekend on the computer coding the new store site and CAD modeling a project for my mom.




SUPER regretting my choice to not buy a pool when they were available back in May when I was first seriously thinking about it.  Next year.... but until then I can continue to daydream.  This was the original image (by Morgan Satterfield of Camp Provisions / Brick House), posted forever ago, that started my obsession with these cowboy pools.  






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And hey, if you're looking for some thoughtful design help for your overwhelming project, I'm here for you!  Because you're totally allowed to ask for help.


Take care of yourself, okay?






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