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Hello, I'm Naomi (pictured above for those who don't know me already!) and this is the 1st edition of the heka newsletter. I'll be sending it every 3 months with news, offers and tips. So, without further a do…


Aromatherapy tips

Getting good quality sleep is a core aspect of your health and a happy immune system. I often get asked what my top 3 essential oils are for sleep. Without doubt they're neroli, lavender & frankincense. They go really well together in a diffuser like this Tisserand one. Or how about giving yourself a facial massage with one of our face oils, which include these oils, before you go to bed? Shop here


Did you know?

The Ancient Egyptians were very into black kohl eye liner but scientists have analysed the ingredients and discovered that it wasn’t just a fashion statement, the kohl powder had anti microbial properties to protect against all that sand & dirt blowing around. Read more about the use of khol around the world in this fascinating article covering other famous kohl fans from David Bowie to Charlie Chaplin.


Offers and exclusives

I'm going to be sharing special offers and exclusive access to new products, events and more with you here. For this first edition I’d like to offer you 20% off your next order as a thank you for subscribing to this newsletter. Use this code TREAT20 when you check out on the website, valid until 30th April. 


Healthy body ←→ Healthy mind 

> I  love the GABA.LIFE podcasts and insta lives; beautiful, quirky sound collages of music, poetry, quotes and meditations (forget the serious/silent reputation of meditation). They're a great way to recharge those spiritual batteries… or just enjoy the artistry. 


> Cooking is the main/only way to celebrate the end of another week of lockdown. It can get monotonous though can't it? We’ve recently made this Hemsley & Hemsley Pablo’s Chicken. Very tasty and full of lovely warming spices which fire you up from the inside.


> I’ve just finished Dolly Alderton's Ghosts an easy going but very observant dip into relationships. I'm also reading Professor Tim  Spector's Spoon Fed which is really fascinating. He debunks the big food myths like red meat is bad for you and looks at why we really shouldn't trust food labels. He also posts useful stuff on Instagram.


> Walks, walks and more walks in the park. Never underestimate the healing power of getting OUTSIDE! It's the spring equinox tomorrow so it's officially the start of SPRING and time to start emerging from our tough looooong old hibernation/lockdown.  Congratulate yourself on getting through a truly crazy year. 


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