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Hi Stranger!

I suppose you are probably surprised to hear from me after all this time has passed, and wondered if the blog went dark, if I was ok ... or maybe you didn’t notice at all.  


Well it has been a combination of things.  One was that it was overwhelming to try and get so much content out in a beautiful, presentable form every week, and I need to find a schedule I can handle. I also felt like in all the craziness and heaviness in the world right now did I have any right to be posting things like what to buy at the Sephora Sale and where to find pretty backgammon boards? (my close friends insist that they still want to hear these things)!  I also needed a break from social media - focusing so much on how many likes and how many eyes I was getting to my blog got to be exhausting. I also wonder how much is just who I am - I love to dive into something 150% and then look around and say what’s next - just ask my husband or my dad!  Anyway for whatever reason I needed a break, and when your  “hobby” isn’t paying the bills its hard to find the motivation.  And finally, it has been so long I wasn’t sure you would want me back.  


Anyway - I am finding the bug again and now that kids are back at school in some form or another, I find I need something of my own again. So you will start to hear from me again .... maybe fewer times a week, but I realized I still have things I am dying to share with you all, and inspiring women to introduce you to.  And since I can’t have in person coffees and lunches with friends, and zooms are getting old - you all will have to be my audience for whatever my ADHD brain comes up with.


I would also love to hear from you! Do you know a woman that inspires you that we could feature in Women Who Inspire? Shoot me an email me about them!


Thanks for sticking around and stay tuned for new content next week!!! 


xo, whitney


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