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Hi Community,


This weekend we had a full moon + a lunar eclipse in Capricorn. It also happened to be the 4th of July. We knew this summer was going to be weird – right?


We're in the middle of a big sea change, and there are many things that just don't feel quite right anymore. I'm in a state of inquiry, and I'm creating space for that to happen and work its way through me by pursuing rest in a way that I haven't in a long time.


So this week, I'll be on vacation. Creating space for integration of all that has been uncovered and brought to light over the past few months. Returning to the wellness practices I love but haven't made time for. Celebrating my slow and sweet Cancer birthday.


I know many of us usually go into warp speed when the warm weather finally hits (I know I do), but it seems like quarantine is asking of us to embrace a slower summer. 


All bets are off in 2020. We all deserve a little time to think about what we want to make of the rest of the year and how we want to show up for it.


If you've got some ideas and want to verbalize them with the power of the full moon behind you, reply back with your 2nd half of 2020 intentions! I'll stand as your witness 😉





Weekly Picks

what we've been kicking around lately

Sophia Roe on Wellness and Racism’s Inextricable Ties | W Magazine

I'm in love with Sophia's definition of wellness as "food, air, water, sunlight, movement, purpose, and community." In this interview she talks about her passion for creating access to wellness and being an activist.


How to Create Your Own Herbal Tinctures | NYT

Last weekend a friend made me tea with just hot water and lemon verbena from her garden, and it's delicious simplicity reignited my interest in herbal concoctions. This guide from NYT + 3 recipes is a helpful jumping off point.


Can Meditation Reduce Implicit Bias? | Insider

As if we needed another reason to meditate, research has found that meditation may be able to reduce implicit bias on an individual level (!).


Activism As Self-Care | Better Humans

I've been reading Pleasure Activism (highly recommend), and this article feels in the same vein with SO many good ideas on how to make your activism a sustainable practice.


Filmmaker and Activist Tourmaline on How to Freedom Dream | Vogue

This is a beautiful essay by artist, activist, and filmmaker Tourmaline on her concept of freedom dreaming. For more on Tourmaline and her view on the role spirituality plays in attempting to dismantle power structures, listen to this podcast.


Make Empanadas at Home | Vice

Not exactly ~*wellness*~ related, but I've found my new quarantine cooking obsession (as someone who used to eat empanadas on an almost daily basis whilst living in Colombia).


Horoscopes for the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn | Chani Nicholas

A full moon + lunar eclipse calls for a little extra guidance from one of my all-time favorite astrologers.


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🌱 Chiropractor Dr. Janelle Clayton is offering her 30 Day Gut Health Wellness & Gut Health Startup on July 15th for $33. Register here!


⚡️ Dive In Well & Constanza Eliana Chinea's 4-week course about building an inclusive wellness brand rooted in anti-racism, decolonization and racial equity starts on July 15th. Find all the details and sign up for Pivot Into Equity here.


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