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hey there, friend!

How are you doing this week? 


I've spent the past week just letting things be, and letting the summer take hold.


Sleeping in, staying up late, easing into things that need to get done instead of just jamming in a bunch of chores, and taking the breaks when they're given to me. Even with everything happening in the world, I'm taking the time I've been given to allow myself to breathe.


Honestly, it's more about changing my mindset to see this period as a gift instead of a hurdle that must endured and overcome.  And its strange - and rather surprising - because letting go has brought me back to that feeling of being a kid, when the summer meant endless opportunities for discovery, and joy seemed to be around every corner. 


I realize my privilege in being able to make these choices for myself.  And I'm grateful.  But even if it's only for an hour, let yourself slow down.  It'll be worth it.  And the world will be there when you get back up, I promise.


Here are a few things that have brought me joy this week, and I hope do the same for you, wherever, and however, you may be. 



I think it's just too hot to do anything physical, so I've been using my spare time to write both blog posts and the DIY books, and continue to make plans for more.




Spent some time taking a slow stroll through my Pinterest boards this week, and this pin, from my COLOR | Yellow board, stopped me in my tracks as it did when I first pinned it so many years ago.  A lookbook shot of models Aminata Faye and Aicha Gueyefrom in dresses by Sophie Zinga, shot by Florence Ngala, and originally posted by OkayAfrica, it feels like a vacation all in one frame.  Reminds me of that feeling when you're on vacation in the Caribbean, and you have dinner in the FANCY restaurant that night, so you wear the flowiest dress you brought and it feels so good when the warm breeze blows the fabric around your legs.  You walk the long way to the restaurant just to feel the breeze some more...


ANYWAY, is anyone else missing vacations?







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Take care of yourself, okay?






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