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A Dark Paranormal 

Beauty and the Beast 



A tale as old as time, but not as you remember it.


Reila Barnes has a habit of losing herself in books, and not because she loves to read—although she does—but because she’s searching for a piece of herself long since lost. Besides that, things happen around her that no one can explain. Not to mention the people in town look at her strangely, always muttering under their breath when she passes, but no one will tell her why she is an outcast. Not even her mother and young brother.

A rebuked marriage proposal from a sexy but cold-hearted man gives her a piece of evidence to cling to: not only is Reila a witch, but she is the one who cursed the Prince of Bellmare to his current beast form.

Say what, now?

Reila must search for a way to break the curse she caste, if she can, though Prince Merek refuses her help and her trust. The best thing she can do is stay with him until her books give her a hint—all the way to a happily ever after.

Will Reila find a way to break Merek's curse? Or is there no such thing as true love that can conquer anything?


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