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We've quickly reached the portion of the year I call 'Bad Summer', because it's 87 degrees at midnight and being outside in the humidity is more like swimming than walking. When the power goes out 3 times a day just because it's too hot out.  Also, lightning.  


It's real gross, y'all. I've been subsisting on caftans and chilled beverages and trying to move as little as possible.  We also keep all the window blinds tightly closed to keep out the heat, which makes the house feel like a cave - it's a desperate attempt to not go bankrupt from the A/C bill.  Typically this only happens for a 6 week period in August-Sept, but because 2020 just can't help it's damn self, it's already here. OF COURSE.


This weekend, I plan on actually making an effort to get some projects around the house done, researching homemade popsicle recipes, and looking for things that make me laugh.


So far that's been babies in wigs, a Twitter account with some deep SEC college football knowledge (few will understand this joke but trust, it's ON POINT, and made me laugh so hard) and the best commercial for a ladder I've ever seen.


Here are a few other things that have brought me joy this week.  I hope do they same for you, wherever, and however, you may be.  Stay cool!



Still so hot, still not feeling like doing anything that involves me moving my body - even though all the supplies are finally here!  Instead I'm taking a deep dive on the history of Ranch homes in America.




 Because I'm always planning one season ahead, I started thinking this week about what socially distanced holidays might look like.  How do we stay safe and still eat Turkey together?  So I started reviewing outdoor table set ups and ran across this pin from The Fresh Exchange from years ago, and it really made me miss gatherings and good food with people I love.  






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