At Global Trellis we know you are the kind of person (or family) who loves Jesus and wants to help fulfill the Great Commission. You’ve already followed God’s lead and this pandemic has disrupted your ministry life in unprecedented ways.


 If you’re like us, this COVID-19 disruption has left you at times feeling helpless and out of control—you can’t do what you thought you would be doing. We also believe that God is still at work.


You can use this packet alone or in a group. Either way, it could be helpful to spend time working through a section on your own first and then share what you have written with others or someone you trust.


You will forever be marked by this season. How could you not be?


 So, the goal of this debriefing is three-fold. It will:

1. Give you space to reflect on how COVID-19 has influenced your life. 
2. Allow you to begin to process loss so that seeds of bitterness don’t take root.
3. Create a record of what you have experienced.


How it works:

1. Download the Debriefing Packet
2. Download the Debriefing Reading
3. Watch the videos as instructed in the Debriefing Packet



Pricing for groups:

5-14 participants— $47 per participant
15+ participants—$37 per participant
To purchase contact Amy at