July 20 I Lifestyle I Issue 42


Hi! Yes, New email format!! We're trying this one out, primarily because it's a much cleaner read (and let's be honest, easier on the eyes), but we'd like to think we're just getting better at this weekly newsletter thing. How's the week going? Settled into 2020 yet? (I laughed when I typed that question too, don't worry). 


So, Carmen and I both subscribe to this newsletter called Uplift Parents. If you're a parent, I recommend it 100%. You receive daily tips to thrive at home, at work, really anywhere. This past Friday's uplift actually applies to all people in general, not just parents, and as if 2020 wasn't enough, was another life wake up call. And I quote: 


"It’s amazing what I can get done when I don’t want to do something. Seriously, some of my most productive times are when I want to avoid doing a dreaded task. I keep looking at my to-do list and will do anything (and everything) else. Hell, it’s how I wrote this email so quickly. 

Today, play a mental game with yourself and put something on your list that you don’t want to do. See if it tricks you into doing more. 

Then, gulp, start your day off with that frog tomorrow."


Um, I don't know about you but I'VE BEEN SEEN. My favorite part is the fact that A LOT OF THINGS WE SHOULD DO, we dread. And the fact that we dread them doesn't necessarily make them bad things. For the most part, the fact that we dread them means that they're challenging, and when something is challenging, it's a huge growth opportunity. Thus, many things we dread are huge growth opportunities (mind blown, I know). 


It's lifestyle week and we're talking about cleaning, both metaphorically and literally, at work, in your closet, with your media habits (dare I say), and just generally, at life. No one likes to clean and take inventory of what's lingering in our lives, even if those things are holding us back. It sucks. It takes time and makes us face HARD WORK. We'd rather turn on Netflix and watch one of the 5 shows we recommend below. 


But in the interest of working together, clearing ship, and attacking the things we dread most, let's play said mental game mentioned above by Uplift and do one thing you REALLY DREAD this week - it could be starting a new reading habit, cleaning out your closet, letting go and trusting the shifts in life like our weekly feature, Cristy Lloveras, did, setting up a new WFH area, cleaning up your desk space, drafting a budget you WILL. STICK. TO., standing up to your boss, finding a new job, cleaning up your resume! This week, let's tackle the hard stuff.  

I, to put myself on blast, am going to put together a delegation plan for House of Lilac (my actual hustle). In laymen's terms and in a nutshell, I am terrible at delegating because it's more work for no one else BUT ME but I am literally burning the candle at both ends and am causing damage to no one else by myself so I'M DOING IT. And I just told you to hold myself accountable so yea, I have no option now. What are you doing to do? Reply here if you need to he held accountable. We're here for you. 


This week's email is SO GOOD. Please scroll to read more! Our feature female is just the best follow on instagram and is the epitome of lead by example and our media roundup is bumping. Carmen and I will be chatting all the things Summer Cleaning (and, as per usual, much more irrelavant things) this Thursday at 9am on Currently Coffee on IG Live. Stay tuned for a book club launch next month and so much more content I can barely contain myself. 


Thanks for subscribing ladies. Make it a good one! And happy dreading 🙃

xx, Melanie



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see you next monday!


xx, the TCY team