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Here we are, mid-July, and a few months back, I thought by now COVID-19 would be winding down. We’re still here in North Carolina, my husband and I with our twin sons (and dogs), and if your house is anything like ours, I'm sure you've been inundated with COVID-spiked conversations, statistics, fake news, funny memes, and quite a few arguments.


COVID is our modern-day crisis. There will be long-term physical, academic, social, economic, emotional, and professional repercussions. And while many of us aren’t risking our lives in actual battle, there are thousands of health care workers who are. Together, we face heightened fear, devastating loss, and an uncertain future.


But there have been some bright spots. Silver linings so to speak. I decided to share with readers and friends what I’ve learned, the high points, the low, and the in-between.

  1. We are not all going to agree.
  2. We all have individual thresholds, rules, and concessions we’re willing to make.
  3. And people will still judge.
  4. COVID-Crazy is real.
  5. Most definitions of quarantine, social distancing, and being responsible will vary from household to household.
  6. You will never be able to calculate the exact date of transmission/symptoms no matter how many fingers and toes you count on or how many positive and negative tests you take.
  7. Untamed eyebrows pose a dangerous threat.
  8. Husbands can color hair.
  9. Loungewear is the new little black dress.
  10. There’s no greater thrill than the UPS truck showing up with an Amazon box.
  11. COVID creates readers! Our two young men are devouring books. Their current titles: No Easy Day and The Gold Coast.
  12. If you can read, you can cook.
  13. FOMO no more.
  14. Family time. Creativity. Finding a new hobby.
  15. Hamilton!
  16. Returning to nature.
  17. Getting back to normal might be hardest on our pets.
  18. Acknowledging how we’ve taken many of our daily freedoms for granted.
  19. Finding a deeper appreciation for what we have.
  20. Instead of harping on what we don’t.

Great News from my publisher...


What I've Been Reading and enjoying...


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Good luck everyone! 

We're thrilled to give back to the reading community.


Stay safe and healthy out there. 

Keep Reading.

Be Kind.

We're all in this together.


Please excuse any typos. I'm old and blind.