July 19, 2020


Hello Friends!



Hello ladies! 

Q: What's black and white and feeling better all over?


A: Both of us! 

My pooch Tessie had a run-in with a piece of rawhide stuck in her esphogus this week. She got to spend 2 nights at the hospital (Tufts was awesome; thank you!) and have an endoscopy to dig it out. Now she's home and seems to be feeling better. She's on a schedule of feeding and meds spaced 2 hours apart from 7am to 11pm. I guess it's a good thing I'm not going anywhere;) 

And so the CoronaCoaster continues. Are you on it too?



After a week on the downslope, things are looking up this week...at least I'm optimistic;) Maybe I'll even go back to making decent dinners for my family again. I was on a real roll in that department in March-April but the wheels have come off that bus recently too.

Anyway, here's what you may have missed on B.Styled this week: 


Maybe you have a dress like this already. This week, instead of wearing the same pants/shorts and tee, why not throw it on with a necklace and sandals. It takes not a second more time. Don't save your clothes just because "you aren't doing anything special"

Life is special. Wear the damn dress.  Deal?



 You can learn more here!



That's it for today!  Go something fun, and TRY to enjoy the ride!  Be well! 


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Thanks for reading, have a great week and please be WELL.





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