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hey there, friend!

How are you doing this week? 


To be honest with you, I've been hitting some low points.  The news is really scary.  Sleep continues to be nonexistent, and my anxiety has been through the roof.  I know these two things are related, and I know I am not alone in this, not at all. Which helps.


I'm glad though that I've reached a point in my life where I am self-aware enough to realize that I'm sinking, and then try and do something about it.  This was not always the case.  


So I've been putting my anxious energy into lots of finicky cleaning (my grout has never looked better) and planning daydream projects (coming soon to the blog) to keep relaxed enough to function.  I'm also trying to balance stress eating kettle chips with more fresh foods (the watermelon is really good right now) and staying as hydrated as possible. 


This weekend, I'm planning on more of the same.  Plus watching every movie referenced in this amazing video.


Here are a few other things that have kept me distracted this week.  I hope do they same for you, wherever, and however, you may be.  Keep 'ya chin up!




There was a Royal Wedding last week!  And it was quite sweet and lovely and a wonderful distraction.  I loved the tonal shades of pale pink for the flowers and adored that the tiara and dress were a loan from "Gran". 

I hope we see more of these micro-weddings going forward, I love the charm of them!

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