One month of going plastic-free and Bryony was hooked. If you're trying to live more sustainably, this week's interview is packed with useful advice. 


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Bryony White is the Founder of GreenBee, a blog about living sustainably. She calls it 'your guide to living a lot and leaving a little' — we like that. On her channels, you'll find heaps of useful video tutorials on things like 'how to make your own zero waste toothpaste' and 'DIY dry shampoo', so if you're looking to make your life more eco-friendly, GreenBee is a great place to start. 


Below, we chat about a slower pace, easy swaps and some incredible sustainable brands you'll want to know about. 

What inspired you to start living a more sustainable lifestyle?


While I was working at Sony Music, I took on the role of leading the charity committee, on the side of my actual job. We were partnered with WWF for the year and the war on plastic had just gained a lot of momentum. One meeting, realising that you can’t talk the talk if you aren’t walking the walk, I suggested that we in the committee attempted a plastic free month. It was difficult, having not prepared for it, but I threw myself into the challenge and almost immediately felt as though someone had removed a blindfold. Of course, it got to the end of the month and the idea of going back to my previous consumption habits was an absolute no no. Not only did it make me realise the vast amount of plastic I was using, it shone an incredibly strong light on my role as a consumer and my responsibility in the choices I make on a daily basis. Six months later, I decided to start GreenBee as a source of information to hopefully encourage people to have an awareness of how their way of life affects the planet and therefore our future.


What’s your morning routine?


I have spent my life subconsciously rebelling against routine, however, during lockdown a gorgeous morning routine has formed and I get a lot of joy from it, so hopefully this one will stick!


I wake up quite early, around 7am, usually with the help of my Lumie Light (game changer). Then I put the kettle on, I have recently created a tea corner in my bedroom so I can have my own little tea ceremonies. While my tea is brewing, I sit on my meditation cushion and ‘free write’ in my notebook for around 5 minutes. This is an incredible technique where you set a timer and write continuously, not worrying about punctuation or even the words coming out, it really helps to clear the mind. I then do a 20 minute compassion meditation and intention setting, followed by half an hour or so of yoga and off I go!


It seems as though allowing myself this time to wake up slowly and focus my attention benefits me throughout the whole day.


How have you got your shit together lately?


I think for me, like a lot of people, the immediate slower pace of life in lockdown allowed for a rethink in priorities and the brain space to assess what I really want and need. I know now that I work best when I am on my side, none of this tough love business, I need to spur myself on like a best friend would.


I decided a while ago that I wanted to make GreenBee into a business, selling the natural products that I make, and have finally put together a plan of how to get it moving! So my shit is feeling pretty together and productive at the moment!


On a more general note on keeping my shit together, I have a deep rooted love for a list. The act of taking a thought and transferring it onto a piece of paper somehow keeps my mind clear enough not to get overwhelmed with all the things I need to do.


What are three easy ways people can be more sustainable?


Buy second hand whenever possible — this was a HUGE game changer for me as not only are you saving the planet, you are also saving a hell of a lot of money. Understandably it may take a tiny bit more effort, but I can’t tell you how worth it it is. Clothes especially, as fast fashion is one of the most damaging industries on our eco-system, and finding good items in a charity shop or on Depop is like finding treasure! If you don’t have time to wander around charity shops or are after something specific, here are a few of my go-to online second hand platforms; Gumtree, Depop, Shpock, The Sale Room and Facebook Marketplace.


How you eat —Subscribe to a veg box delivery. I use Riverford and adore them. The majority of the fruit and veg is organic and grown in the UK. They have a lot of store cupboard staples too that you can add to your order. Also, so much less effort than going to the shop! Lowering your meat and dairy consumption has a very positive impact on your carbon footprint. Simple things like switching to oat milk (brownie points if you make your own).


Shop less and support local/independent — Every time you spend money you are not only creating demand, but also condoning what that company stands for, and if you look at Amazon, for example, I am sure you wouldn’t support many things they get up to. Supporting independent businesses is a really good way to be fully aware of what you’re buying, not to mention how much more a sale means to them than it does to a high street brand.


What’s the most helpful thing anyone’s ever told you about money?

‘Money facilitates freedom!’ This really allowed me to look ahead in regards to money rather than get too carried away in the present moment.


Favourite app on your phone or computer?


Insight Timer — this is a meditation app that has thousands of free guided practises of all different styles, lengths and benefits. It is truly wonderful.


Wineapp — Wine. Delivered to your door in 30 mins (no plastic packaging, just cardboard). Amazing.


Are you saving for anything at the moment? What’s your approach to saving money?

I’m always saving, regardless of whether I have something specific to save for or not, so when there is something that I would like to do or buy, I am able to do so without being restricted by the shackles of affordability (this is within massive reason of course). I have 3 savings accounts, one ‘house pot’, one ‘travel pot’ and one ‘fun things pot’. It also means that if any random bills or unexpected fines come through, I’m not left completely in the lurch. I’ve had this approach since I was about 16 and it has done me well so far!


What’s the most useful thing you’ve bought under £20 in the last year?


Honestly...a laundry basket with two separate sections so you’re not constantly rummaging through splitting up your different washes. I really wish my ‘Best Buy under £20’ was more elaborate than that, but hey ho!


What are some of your favourite sustainable brands?


Plastic Freedom —  is an incredible website run by a lovely woman called Beth and it sells a huge amount of sustainable eco-friendly products for all aspects of living.


Wuka Wear — this is one for fellow menstruating humans, these ‘period pants’ are fantastic.


Hanx — these vegan, biodegradable, 100% natural fair rubber condoms as an incredibly easy sustainable swap.


Smol — plastic free cleaning products, delivered to your door.


Leonora Alexander Jewellery — beautiful bespoke handmade jewellery.


Tell us about something you’re excited about just now.


I finally put a deposit down for a yoga teacher training course that I have been set on doing for the past 3 years. It is with a teacher I adore in Thailand and I cannot wait to deepen my own practise as well as learning to facilitate for others.



Coworker used "anyway" as an email sign-off instead of "best" or "warmly" or w/e and honestly that's the only work mood left.