Are your questions 

creating or crushing?


A few questions 

about questions...

what type of questions are your go to?




And you think that's going to work?

[some times stated or simply inferred]


You've got to be kidding?  


This form of question discourages innovation and energy rather than inspiring creativity and confidence to face the challenge. 


Try:  Can you explain more about your idea and how it could work?   [be curious about how you might be able to build on ideas for a collective solution rather than dismiss it all.]



Is the work completed? [when you know it isn't]


Do you know how to do that? [when you know they don't]


Are you asking questions you already know the answer to?  This uses energy to shame and/or blame.  It's about who is right and wrong, good or bad.


Try:  The work appears to not be completed.  Is there a way I can offer support so you can finish the project?  [be curious of how you can equip and encourage without enabling aka doing the work for them.]



These questions offer oxygen.  They look at what can be, potential.   The focus is on possibilities rather than problems.  They create space for vulnerability and learning.



What do we want the outcome of this work to look, feel and function like? 


How can we leverage the collective wisdom at the table to move towards solution? 


Am I showing up in ways that inspire or derail  meaningful progress when facing a challenge?