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Hi Community,


We're at that point in the summer where I usually freak out that it's almost over (it's not).


But I'm sure I'm not alone in trying to pack in as many safe and socially distant warm weather activities as I can. And that means how I tend to myself looks a little differently too. 


Some practices have taken a back seat, and others are riding shotgun (urban hikes anyone?!), but the intention (from adrienne maree brown's Pleasure Activism) remains the same: "if it pleases me, I will."


Below you'll find events and resources to be enjoyed during downtime or as a way to recharge. I encourage you to apply this same intention as you browse through this email and also navigate the final summer months.


And then, because I'm curious, how has your summer looked differently this year? What wellness practices are you relying on (or not)? Has the pandemic slowed down your summer or sped it up? You can reply directly to this email to share!





Cosmic Context


The Best Advice from Therapists, From 50 Different People | Teen Vogue

One of my favorite conversation topics with friends is what we're learning in therapy. No wonder I enjoyed hearing from 50 other people!


Having a Better Body Image Won’t End Body-Based Oppression | Self

This was an excellent explainer on the difference between body image and body-based oppression.


Blowing out candles is basically spitting on your friends’ cake. Will we ever do it again? | The Washington Post

RIP birthday candles. Plus, where they got their start.


Yogi Bhajan | LA Magazine

Ugh, another "guru" who left behind an ugly legacy. A must-read for any Kundalini Yoga practitioners (trigger warning for sexual abuse).


Comet NEOWISE: How to See It in Night Skies | NYT

I've been lucky enough to see a few shooting stars this summer, but haven't spotted this guy yet. We have a few more weeks to make it happen!


Anti-Racist Meditations | Well+Good

An anti-racism practice can take many forms – including meditation!


Why Witches Hexing the Moon Doesn't Actually Work | Teen Vogue

When the internet + baby witches + and TikTok collide 😂


💧Yasmine Décosterd has launched her brand new collection of Mists and Hand Sanitizers for Crystal Wellness Company. She's offering our community 15% off with code 3MOON15 (expires August 9 11:59PM PST). Items are Leaping Bunny Certified, she is a member of PETA Beauty without Bunnies, and all items are Crystal Infused & Reiki Energized for added high vibrational wellness.


⚡The waitlist is open for Micha Goebig's GO BIG ACCELERATOR, her new group coaching experience for women who want it all (starting in September 2020). In this group, you'll look into and unlearn limiting beliefs in all areas of life to kickstart your transformation. Sign up for more info here.


Camron Momyer is offering Kick-Ass Energy Healing Sessions by Phone 8 - 9pm PST on weekdays. You can learn more here, and book by sending her an email. Having had one myself,  I can vouch that they are indeed kick-ass!


🎧Kristen Elliott recently launched a podcast called Dying To Live featuring the stories of how change makers, thought leaders and humans just like you harness their inner courage to kill the things that are standing in their way and rebirth into their most authentic selves (I was featured on the most recent episode!).


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