Weekly Newsletter

August 2020 vol. 1


The freezers are fully stocked. 

We will be at all three markets this week;  pre-orders are appreciated.


Get Happy!

Though we’ve farrowed pigs in the past (at our old homestead) my strategy had always been to just by feeder pigs (weaners).  Not because of the work or risk of farrowing, but because I didn’t think I could justify a boar.  I’d need at least 5 sows to make the numbers work, and that’s a tremendous number of piglets!  So we had been buying feeder pigs at 2 months old and finishing them at our ranch until 8 months old.  But with the recent upset in the market due to Covid-19 (I assume) feeder pig prices have gone up >50%, and supply seems to be questionable.   All that being said, we’ve decided to rethink the previous strategy. 


Meet Happy!  Happy is a Gloucestershire Old Spot.  A fine heritage breed that has exceptional mothering instincts, easy to handle, and does great on pasture.  My plan is to use artificial insemination (AI) to get 2 liters per year from Happy.  I’ve never done AI before, but with the help of YouTube and a neighboring pig farmers I’m willing to give it a try.  We wont have our first litter until Spring, so stay tuned for the adventures.

Turkey Update

The turkey poults are thriving in the brooder, enjoying the heat lamp, fresh water, and organic feed from Coyote Creek. At this stage they sleep a great deal but are quite lively when they are awake, exploring the brooder, playing, jumping and flapping their wings energetically. I've noticed that turkey poults are much more engaging than our broiler chicks; they are less skittish and much more likely to approach and engage with us when we check on them. We truly enjoy raising these birds. 


Amber Oaks Ranch is once again raising Organic Free-Range Turkeys for your Thanksgiving celebration. Home grown on our farm, processed locally, and deliver to you fresh (never frozen) the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. 


Supplies are limited and a deposit is required to hold your order. Call, email, or click the link below to place your order now.


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stay safe,


John & Molly