What is my life purpose? A question I used to ask myself quite often and it wasn't until six years ago I truly found my life's purpose.  Many people have asked me why I do not do psychic/medium readings when I am a psychic/medium?  Is it because I don't trust my gifts or believe in them?  And if I don't do "traditional" readings then what is it that I do?

When most people hear the terms psychic or psychic/medium they picture someone on stage in front of large numbers of people delivering messages from the great beyond or they imagine someone who is going to have a table set up ready to read your cards, palms, or whatever they may use.  They expect psychics to give them the answers to their future or connect with a loved one who has died and there are some psychics and psychic/mediums like that but being a psychic or psychic/medium can be more than that.

I used to do all the above, I worked every Halloween at the Mount Washington for several years providing readings to large groups and people hired me to come to their homes for a "psychic party."  However, I did not find that to be fulfilling, in fact I found it to be quite draining for I felt like there had to be more, a larger purpose for my gifts.

I believe that every psychic or psychic/medium has a path or reason for their gifts, and we all use our gifts differently.  I will never be a "performer" nor will I ever get rich or famous because of my gifts, instead I feel I have been given my gifts as a calling in life.  I believe my soul purpose is to help guide people into their own intuition.  Helping people to see they have all their answers within themselves, they just need to trust it or maybe learn how to tap into it.  Being psychic does not make me special and it doesn't mean I have "super" powers for every one of us is born intuitive, it’s just that some people shut that part of themselves off for different reasons.

Intuitive Guidance is just that, I guide you using my gifts of intuition to help you discover who you are and what your path in life is.  I help YOU to find the answers inside of you.  I help you to move past what is blocking you and I help you to heal in the process.  I walk beside you on your journey and help you see that you are just as special and gifted as I am!  This type of session isn't for everyone for this requires work on your part and I don't just give you the answers you seek, but help you find those answers within yourself.  This is my path; my calling and I love the work the universe has blessed me with. Are you ready to discover your true self and your intuitive gifts?  Are you ready to trust yourself? 


To schedule an appointment just visit my website at: https://www.northcountryspiritualpathways.com/schedule-an-appointment 


For those that do not yet feel safe to come in person I am still offering virtual appointments.


Have you checked out the upcoming classes and workshops?  Don't forget to register to reserve your spot!  Payment arrangements may be made for the classes by emailing me at spiritualpathwaysnh@gmail.com.






Upcoming Classes and Groups

This group will meet once a month to discuss all things metaphysical and spiritual.  This is an open discussion and a safe place where you can get support and have your experiences validated.  All beliefs are welcomed and respected.  This is NOT a religious group, but a spiritual one.  


Masks are required for all group gatherings.

There are no dues or fees for this group, but donations are appreciated.


This group gathers once a month (4th Sunday of each month) to discuss the selected book of the month. The group will vote on a book for each month to explore. There are no dues or fees for this group, but a donation is appreciated.


We are currently reading and discussing the book "The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy" by Cyndi Dale.  We will be discussing pages 135 - 155 this month.


Classes will be held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday

Cost: $120

Dates: Sept. 6 & 20, Oct. 4 & 18, Nov. 1 & 15, Dec. 6 & 20, Jan. 3 & 17, Feb. 7 & 21

Time: 9:30 - 11:00 AM

This is a 12-week course for anyone who wants to understand their intuitive gifts and learn how to trust those gifts.


In this course you will learn about The 10 Clairs (gifts) of Intuition, Psychometry, Reading Auras, Reading Psychic Energy, Spirit Guides and Psychic Code of Ethics.


This class is open to 12-people. You must register to reserve your spot by emailing me at spiritualpathwaysnh@gmail.com no later than August 31, 2020.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

10:00 - 4:00 PM


Prerequisite: You must be familiar with the 12 Clares

Registration Deadline: September 12, 2020

Join me for this one day workshop to learn about the basic fundamentals of mediumship work.


This workshop will cover:

**Preparing for mediumship work

**Dealing with fears and anxieties

**Sitting in the Power & Cutting ties

**Developing mediumship

**Calming your mind, emotions and knowing your mind

**Raising your vibration and communicating with your spirit guides

**Setting up boundaries

**Working with spirit

**Tools for mediumship

**Spirit communication

**Evidential Mediumship

**Ethics and Responsibilities. 


Please bring a lunch and snacks!