July 26,27, 28,29 2020 😜


Hello Friends!



Hello Ladies!

I'm late with this week's update, and I'm sure you spent your Sunday checking your email looking for it impatiently. HA. Of course I'm kidding. Hope you had a fun weekend and that your week is going well. How is it already Wednesday??


The coronoacoaster is still full speed ahead over here with complications for my pooch Tessie (strictured esophogus), and a day spent in the ER with Mary with abdominal issues.  Mary is doing ok and the best patient ever...She had the entire ER staff in love with her, as you can imagine. We have another appointment today to try to figure out what's going on. 


Oh, and remember the dead AC I've been harping on. They say it's being replaced today and I'll believe when I feel it.  We've been enjoying this heatwave. 😡 


  My plan and schedule for the first half of the week went out the window with these issues popping up, but I realize that as important as planning is, what's more important is being flexible and keeping things in perspective. This too shall pass!  


I also realize that if I get better at managing my time, I'll be better able to deal with the curve balls that inevitably get thrown our way...so I'm working on that and inviting you to join me along the way...See below for BIG NEWS on that! 


Lots of fun stuff to share this week. Here it goes!






Dr. Carol Perlman will be taking us through the same process she uses with her private counseling clients for a fraction of the price, and without having to leave home. 

 Note...if you're opening the link from an older iPhone, be patient...for some reason it's taking longer to load on older devices - like mine! 

It's worth the wait though;) 

Also, if you prefer paying via venmo you can do so @Beth-Roy-bstyled.





That's it for today!  TRY to enjoy the ride...and be well! 


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