This was my morning last Thursday:


Woke up by 6am and did my Morning Routine. All was well in my world. 


Was at my desk by 6:45am. Yay me.


Opened my laptop and saw the red dot indicating several Facebook notifications. I love interacting with my B.Styled people on Facebook, so I went in and started responding and interacting.


Reminded myself (in my head) to wrap it up quickly and get upstairs to start my workout. I knew I needed to leave home by 8:15am for a (much anticipated) hair appointment. 


Continued interacting on FB, happily clicking away. Click, click and click again.


Next thing I know, I look at the time and it's EIGHT O'CLOCK.  




The time suck / time warp / internet vortex strikes again. 


No workout, no shower. Just some haphazard rushing around.  


Well done Beth. 👏🏻


So, did I go to the appointment naked? In my pajamas? No, I did not.


Did I just #justgetdressed. Yes, I did. 


Did I spend time choosing, primping and stressing over what to wear? Nope.


I put on a dress. A really pretty dress if say so myself. It took me about 5 seconds to pull it over my head and slip on some sandals. A ponytail, some deodorant, CC cream, blush and a swipe of mascara took another 1-2 minutes.


I tell you this not to brag about how quickly I can "get ready" but to make two points:

  1. My time management skills these day really stink.
  2. It does not have to take time to fact it takes the same amount of time to put on something that makes you look & feel good (and less annoyed at yourself) as it does to default to a harried outfit that makes you feel even worse than you already do.

Fun Fact: It takes statically less time to put on a one-and-done dress than it does to wear just about anything else...including yoga pants and a tee;) 

So, can you relate to my scenario?


Maybe it's Facebook. Or Instagram. Or email. Or, how about Amazon???


Maybe it's talking on the phone, reading the paper or just puttering around the house that causes you to "lose track of time."


Heck, maybe it's "productive" things like cleaning, organizing, or baking that can cause you to get off track from what you should be doing to reach your goals (personal, career, relationships, etc.) and make your life more productive and happier.


Over the past several months I've become close friends with my client Carol Perlman. She's an active member of my free private #justgetdressed Facebook group and she shares great tips and advice related to personal development, productivity, health and wellness.


She holds a Doctorate in Psychology, has a counseling practice through Brigham and Woman's hospital, is a wife and busy mom to 2 young boys and has a health coaching business as well.


And she gets. stuff. done.


....And some days she even gets dressed. (Ha! Sorry Carol, I couldn't resist). But when she does, I know for a fact she feels better.


Anyway, Carol and I were recently talking in the Facebook group about the book "The One Thing" and the concept of finding that thing: "that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary."  She told me that her "One Thing" is USING HER TIME WISELY.




Carol's words hit home like a mack truck.


A lightbulb went off and I knew that if I could learn to use my time wisely - and develop the skills, habits and systems surrounding that -- WOW, what a difference that would make in my life.  


This exchange with Carol prompted a phone conversation, which in turn led to the birth of an idea to develop a virtual course taught by Carol for people like me.  And you?


Carol already had the curriculum in place since she teaches it all the time to her 1:1 counseling clients (to the tune of $200/hour, btw).


Now she's formatted it and will deliver it to help me, and people like me, looking to improve our time management skills and systems.  Her approach is practical, personalized and DO-ABLE. What she teaches is truly life-changing. No joke.


The course will take place in a private Facebook group and will include videos of Carol coaching me 1:1 and helping me through the common roadblocks and challenges that you may encounter as well.  


This is not a bunch of theory or ideas. This is a step-by-step practical roadmap and formula to your own system - designed to work for YOU.


Here's a summary of what's included in the 21 day course (it starts on August 10th). 


Members will have permanent access to the materials and you can consume it when you wish. 




  • A system for maximizing productivity and focus.
  • A personalized formula for daily scheduling.
  • Tutorials on habit formation so you USE your system and create a lifelong habit.
  • Daily assignments to help you tailor your system to YOUR personal needs.
  • A daily hack for mastering the habit of following your plan.
  • Video sessions between Beth & Carol to demonstrate Beth implementing the master system. Witness Carol helping Beth to problem solve around the common barriers that are sure to come up for you.
  • Daily office hours with Dr. Carol to ask questions and get advice along the way!
  • All videos and materials are yours to access at any time and will be available in the private Facebook group, as well as emailed to you to reference at anytime. 
  • For best results, use the Facebook group, even if you're not a FB's where the magic happen! 



(valued at over $500)


I'm so ready for the transformation this course will provide in terms of productivity, reaching my goals, and reducing my stress. 

And of course it's going to be a boatload of fun along the way. 

If this is an area of your life you'd like to improve too, I'd love to have you join me!


Any questions? Just hit reply to this email and we'll get back to you right away. 


Take care,

xo, Beth