5 MIN TO SELF CARE | VOL.27 | 2020 


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How are you?  Hope that you've enjoyed some blissful moments this week!  The little things :). 


I cleaned and organized all day yesterday and it was EVERYTHING.  HAHA! NOT KIDDING, I promise it was great.  It was exactly the self care I needed this weekend and heading into showing up IN FULL as I want to next week.  


Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.  Sure, it's sometime a mani-pedi, or the occasional spa resort trip (ahh, those are the dreamy self care practices!).  BUT more often than not (for me at least), it's catching a breath on a busy day or making sure that I schedule my yoga and actually do it - because I know that when I do, I'm more grounded and show up better everywhere else.  It's wiping down my kitchen every night because I know it makes me feel better the next morning than when it's a mess.  And it's taking a Saturday to clean and organize sometimes (bonus points for enjoying it at the same time!) because it rocks my world in the best way when my space reflects calm and concise.  


5 minutes to self care.  Plan it out today (you might even enjoy this exercise)!  Brain dump or meditate what exactly it is that you need this week for you.  For your mental, emotional and physical self.  For your mind, body and HEART.  What is it that you need this week to feel fully you and give the world your lips turned up to the sky?!  If it's hopping on the next plane to Bali - haha, I'm with you sister.  So where the extreme may not be possible to its FULL capacity, recreate it in the best way you can.  Then actually make it happen. Schedule it, with alarms on full blast.  Sticky note every surface you glance at to remind yourself.  Be excited about it and honor it.  Then enjoy it and let it provide the refresh that you need.  



Who knew that 5 min of planning for the week could mean the world?






- Full Moon In Leo

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I wanted to thank you, so much, for the support you've given me as I've launched the MoonRise Crystal Boutique.  It's been a very special piece of my life the past few months, and I am falling hard into learning everything there is to know about crystal properties and healing.  Introducing the online boutique has been a dream come true (I mean, look at that GORGEOUS amethyst wand!).  My home is literally filled with the most incredible energy as I foster these pieces until they show up into your hands!  


I'm excited to announce that all pieces are now available through the MoonRise site (I've been hosting them on Etsy only up until now).  You'll see more improvements to the MoonRise web experience over the next month.


Please don't hesitate to let me know if you're looking for a particular piece or want to know more about a particular crystal.


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Our moon is full on Monday Aug 3rd and this one is bringing the bliss and relief that we are all needing right now.  


August's full moon is traditionally called the full sturgeon moon because the giant sturgeon fish of the great lakes were most readily available this time of summer.  It's called the blueberry moon for their peak at this point.  


What matters during this particular full moon this year is the SHIFT in energy it brings with it.  You might have already noticed this shift during our last new moon a couple weeks went from a bit heightened to super grounded.  This full moon will bring that even stronger - a blissful energy that has you craving fun and carefree activities.  Although those adjectives have shifted a bit in their meaning for us lately, try to bring the fun and carefree feelings out in your work, home and personal life this week (maybe even in your self care activities!).  


Enjoy <3. If you are craving a full moon yin practice, I'll be leading a full moon yin class this evening (livestream) - please join!


I would love for you to join one of my livestream classes this week!

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8:15pm (MST) Donation Based Yin Yoga (Sacral Chakra tonight!)



Fridays are on pause for August and I'm hoping to bring them back in September!




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Thank you for reading.  

I hope that this journal is a happy weekly love note in your inbox.

xo, jenny