AUGUST 2,2020 😜


Hello Friends!



Hello Ladies and welcome to August...The Sunday of Summer.


What a great weekend we're having over here with my brother John visiting from Denver. Wonderful for Mary to have both her chickadees in the house.  As you can tell from the pic of him below...John Hyer brings the party!



Now for the latest from B.Styled....


The video cut here's the wrap up with tips about August shopping, and the new Time Management Course taught by Dr. Carol Perlman:


 Note...if you're opening the link from an older device, be patient...for some reason it's taking longer to load on some devices.

It's worth the wait though;) 




For Your Aching Back

I had lower back pain going on last week - not unusual for me...I was about to reach for the Advil but tried this little ditty instead, and it really helped. Just an FYI for my fellow lower backers😘




And last, but not least...a little Sunday inspiration for you...


It's easy to put things off that we don't want to do (like clean a closet, bathe the stinky dog, etc). And most of the time it doesn't make a huge difference. But when we put things off all the time, especially things that will make our life better or happier, that's NO bueno. So wear the dress, use the good china, open the expensive bottle, take the class, read the personal development book...and #justgetdressed


That's it for today!  TRY to enjoy the ride...and be well! 


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