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The SpeakJoy Post


August 3, 2020


A Note From Jennifer

Welcome to the very first volume of the SpeakJoy Post, a monthly curation of ideas + inspiration.


The past few months have been so challenging. I know that I have struggled in ways that I usually don't.


I've worried about the language development of infants in the care of day care providers wearing masks.


I have worried about our collective health, the state of the world, and the future.


You too?


In spite of the challenges, there have also been many blessings.


One of the benefits of shelter-in-place for me has been increased clarity.


I am clear that my life mission is to help parents support the language, reading, and play development of their young children.


And so I am here. Doing just that. So let's do it together.


One day at a time.


I am so happy you are here!



There has never been a more critical time for practical, research-based information for parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. 


Because of shelter-in-place restrictions, parents are spending more time with their little ones than ever.


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Your support means the world to us!


Until next time,


The SpeakJoy Team