Self-Care Digest

Self-care is all the things, big and small, we do to nourish our mind, body, and soul.  Here's what Catherine Smith, our Program Associate, is doing to stay grounded, rested, and connected during these challenging times. 


I love social media, specifically Instagram, but I stopped doomscrolling. I unfollowed accounts on Instagram that aren’t fresh, fun, and soul-filling. I set aside time for news and the important goings-on, but I save Instagram for cute puppies, fun recipes, and inspiring fashion. I recommend the following accounts for uplifting posts: @Pattiegonia (intersectional, environmentalist drag queen), @iamtabithabrown (vegan chef/mom/awesome lady), @thelesliejordan (actor/comedian with a fantastic southern accent), and for the Sex and The City lovers out there, @dan_clay / Carrie Dragshaw (recreations of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic looks). 

Redefining Live Music


Music is my solace, and live music is my hobby and part of my spiritual practice. Many of my favorite artists are offering free live shows, or re-airing entire concerts. My husband and I like to make a night of it – set aside time to watch, make a special snack, and pretend we are there. So far, we watched Sturgill Simpson, Phish, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, and the Newport Folk Fest. I haven’t watched it yet, but I am very excited to experience the new Beyoncé film, Black is King.

New music is also a fun way for me to connect with other audiophiles. There are some great new albums by Run the Jewels, The Chicks, Fiona Apple, My Morning Jacket, and The Strokes. 


I didn’t like to cook until quarantine provided extra time, and I started to like cooking and baking as a creative outlet. Trying new recipes is something that I look forward to. I find myself losing track of time and being more Zen when I am cooking or baking. I’ve learned to take it easy on myself, and if a recipe fails, I try to figure out why and improve the next time and keep it moving (This is a good lesson for life). My favorite dishes so far are gumbo, fried green tomatoes, lemon pie, and eggs benedict. 


I read a book called, “Breathe Mama Breathe – 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms” to find ways to stay grounded and calm. Meditation isn’t my thing, but this book is practical and realistic about finding ways throughout our regular routine to connect with myself, my family, and my three-year-old. 


Tuning In

Balancing Our Viewing


My husband and I watched Tiger King, and then we binged Breaking Bad. It was new to both us, so it was fun to dive into a show together and have something to look forward to since we don’t have social events in the evenings during quarantine. We are now watching Better Call Saul (a pre-quel to Breaking Bad). These shows are serious, so I balance out the heaviness with Parks and Rec or The Office



What are you doing to nourish your mind, body, and soul 

while practicing physical distancing? 

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Be Well!