Sometimes Things







 Don't Go As Planned

I am so sick Tired of hearing about covid-19

We know that everyone is on edge and everyone is concerned, I am too. We have been practicing social distancing for a long time but I thought it was just because I like dogs better than most people! Because of the crazy business with this virus we have decided to modify our pick up procedure.

Pick up day and time will remain the same. If the weather is nice we will invite you to interact with our dogs outside while remaining several feet apart from everyone. The weather in Indiana isn't always predictable. We can have a sunny 60 degree day and then have snow.. so I can't count on the weather.  If the weather is poor I ask that you remain in your car and I will bring your puppy to your car. Good plan right?

Don't worry. You are normally here for 90 minutes and I cover a ton of information.  The handouts that I cover are on our Pick Up Instruction page already (reading is fundamental.. please be sure you read and go over those handouts).  We have prepared a demo of your puppy's binder with examples of the documents in the binder. Upon opening the demo binder there is an audio file on the Table of Contents page (fast forward it 26 minutes- there is some dead air at the beginning). This audio is essential to listen to prior to pick up! It will answer 101 of your puppy raising questions and more. View the binder and listen to this NOW. Please email me your questions.

The good news is that you will have the opportunity to take it all in, digest it and ask questions before pick up. Instead of sitting with your puppy on your lap in awe only hearing me say Wah wa-wah wa-wah...

There will be no handshakes or hugs just lots of safe social distancing and cute puppies to go home with!

 Be forewarned I have gotten used to social distancing and my new norm is looking like a hobo!

For now you need to sign up for Baxter & Bella

It will make someschooling your puppy a breeze


Kendra Vestal