Weekly Newsletter

August 2020 vol. 2


Chicken in back in stock!

We will be at all three markets this week;  pre-orders are appreciated.

A Neighborly Visit?

Yoshi enforces social distancing.

Early Sunday morning, John noticed that our bull, Yoshi, was behaving strangely, kicking up dust and bellowing towards the back of our property. Upon further inspection, he discovered that our neighbors bull had broken through the fence line (breaking a T-Post and decimating a Mesquite tree. Yoshi was not pleased at this invasion of his domain and attempted usurpation of his role, as you might imagine. Luckily for all concerned our visitors intimidating looks did not translate into aggressive behavior and John was able to convince him to return to his own side of the fence. A few hours later, the fence is repaired and Yoshi is back watching over his ladies. 


Chicken Crates

I may have previously mentioned that we’ve doubled our capacity on chickens.  Not only did I have to build a new chicken tractor, and buy new brooders, feeders, etc, but we’ve also purchased these new transport crates.  If you’ve seen my video of my trip to the processor, you noticed that I had to catch each chicken and carry them one-by-one into the cattle trailer.  We then would unload at the processors facility into their transport crates.  With the addition of these 20 transport crates, I now only have to handle the chicken once and for much shorter distances.  Once we get to the processor, we can just unload the entire crate and pick it up later when we get the meat.

Pictured below are the last batch of 100 broilers being dropped off at Dewberry Hills Farm for processing (orange crates in middle).


Turkey Update

The turkeys have leveled up to the chicken tractor. They’ll spend a few weeks protected before they go completely free range.


This Week's Markets


Be well, 

stay safe,


John & Molly